Schema Therapy Sanderstead South Croydon.
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Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”

What is Schema Therapy?

Schema Therapy (ST) is an evidence based integrative therapeutic approach developed by Dr Jeffery Young that is primarily aimed at treating those who have chronic emotional and relationship problems.

He stated that when a child’s emotional needs are not met, (e.g. safety, stable base, nurturing, acceptance, validation, empathy) schemas or ‘ Lifetraps’ can develop. Schemas are a sense one has about the self, such as failure, or defective.

Young added that schemas are developed in childhood or adolescence and are comprised of memories, emotions and cognitions.

While grounded in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) strategies, Schema Therapy is considered an integrative model because it draws on cognitive therapy, behaviourism, attachment theory, emotion-focused and relationship-based therapies, and other schools of thought.

People who have developed schemas early in childhood or adolescence may cope in various ways such as surrender which is to be submissive, passive or dependent.

Some may cope by avoidance which includes social withdrawal, workaholism, addictive self-soothing or psychological withdrawal.

The third coping mechanism is overcompensation which includes acting in the opposite way or aggression, rebelliousness.

How does Schema Therapy Work?

Schema therapy can help you to break patterns that keep repeating themselves.

Schema therapy involves you re-experiencing your childhood pain with the aim of you meeting the needs of the child inside you.

In other words, those emotional unmet needs that were missing as a child, you can now give yourself those emotional needs.

This happens by answering back those people who criticised you as a child or who were not encouraging.

The aim is for you to be empowered which will lead to altered behaviour such as taking on new challenges.

In addition, your cognitions about yourself and others will be factual led rather than schema led.

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